How I Built My Own Pool – Day 1: Excavation

August 7th, 2015 | Posted by Larry in Inground Pool Kits

We’ve talked alot about how to build your own inground pool on this blog. And I talk with homeowners every day (and a few contractors), telling them by phone and email exactly what steps to take – and what pitfalls to avoid in pool construction.

Now we’re gonna get personal. Two years ago, I built my own inground pool, using an SPP pool kit, and our “patent-pending process” for building an inground pool in just one week.

This is not my first pool, and certainly not the first pool I’ve built. This time around however, I’m not in the trenches, I’m mostly inside the house, sipping on a cool ice tea. I hired our man Randy, and the Rent-a-Randy service – best $5000 I ever spent!how-i-built-my-own-pool-day-1---excavation-sm

Day 1: Excavation

6 am: We started out with stakes and strings, marking off the outer perimeter of the pool, and marking inner perimeter and trench locations with spray paint. A little light rain, no problem.

7 am: The excavator shows up right on time. While he’s unloading off of the trailer, we remove the already disconnected fence panel, and show him the way to the pool. I give him the spec sheet, so he knows length, width and depth, and he starts digging!

9 am: The outer perimeter is mostly dug and a swimming pool is beginning to take shape. Helpers measure the depth for the excavator, and help with removing loose material with garden rakes and sharpening corners with flat shovels, and leveling rough spots.

11 am: We begin digging the hopper bottom and by noon, work begins on the shallow end floor.

1 pm: With the pool excavation complete in about 5 hours, our heavy equipment operator turns around to the giant pile of dirt he’s hauled out of the ground. He spreads around what he can, but we end up with a giant pile of dirt leftover.

4 pm: Work is finally complete on the floor, after running a power compactor for 3 hours, while the other guys help sharpen corners and remove excess dirt. We sprayed the area with hoses as we were finishing up, to help settle the dust and hold the shape overnight.


Up Next – Day 2: Pool Wall Assembly



Larry Weinberg
SPP Pool Expert

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