How I Built My Own Pool – Day 2: Walls

August 10th, 2015 | Posted by Larry in - Buyer's Guides | - How To | Inground Pool Kits

Day 2 of my inground pool kit installation by Rent A Randy and crew. I’m sure their muscles are plenty sore this morning, after yesterday’s hard work of hand shaping and shoveling, to help the excavation process.

Today the rain is holding out, and I’ve set up an observation platform on my back patio, so I can observe the process and be available for any “managerial actions” or decisions that need to be made.

But Randy, his son Nate and the 3 other workers I hired locally don’t seem to need much from me, as they start right in on the pool walls. I took some pictures of the process, click for a larger image.

how-i-built-my-own-pool-day2-wall-assembly-vsm7 am: After a quick inventory check, the wall sections are laid out around the edge of the pool perimeter, with the pre-cut light, skimmer and return panels placed where we want them. They begin by connecting the deep end wall panel sections together, at first just snugly, not tightened fully.

9 am: By mid-morning, half of the pool wall is erected and two guys continue connecting wall panels while two others start attaching the kickers, or A-Frame wall supports. Power tools are used to tighten-up bolts for the kickers, but like the wall panel bolts, are still left slightly loose.

12:00: By noon, they have the wall panels assembled, or connected, and the earth up against the walls is smoothed, raked and leveled on both sides. Meanwhile, the other two guys bring the step section in place and attach the support legs. After several careful measurements with a transit, a level and a plumb bob, the step is clamped to the wall while fasteners are tightened to connect it to the wall on both sides.

2 pm: As the step section is finished up, the earth inside and outside of the pool is wet with a hose, then smoothed and flattened, filling low spots and shaving off high spots. A ramp is made from wood palettes, to enter and exit the pool into the shallow end safely (don’t use the pool steps!).

3 pm: The pool walls are now meticulously checked for height, level and plumb, to be certain they are exactly at the same height, and not leaning in or out, but all perfectly vertical. Adjustments are made to raise or lower wall panels or A-frame supports slightly, if needed, and then they are finally tightened up to the panels on either side to full tightness.

5 pm: Another full day workday for our 4 man crew (plus photographer). Finished up with a good spray from the hose to keep the dust down and help settle the dirt. Actually set up the sprinkler later that evening, to keep it moist overnight. Crew was happy to see a cold 12-pack on ice with snacks at the end of the day.

Up Next – Day 3: Concrete Collar



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